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Incredible Value: Our industry-leading tour offers incredible value by combining renowned destinations, quality hotels, small group sizes, and culturally immersive itineraries at a lower price. Our travelers often express amazement at the value they receive for their money. Despite competitors offering similar tours at lower prices, our high-quality value makes our tours stand out as the difference between a good and an incredible international travel experience.

Small Groups: Small groups offers intimate interactions with the sites and culture of destinations, but most companies offer these tours at a premium, making the comfort and convenience of small groups an expensive value-add. Our escorted tours, which include no more than 16 travelers, offer a more affordable option for smaller groups.

Touring Variety: Our tours caters for every budget and travel style, offering great value in small group escorted tours to international destinations. We also offer Value Vacations for larger groups, offering flexibility and freedom with Independent Packages, which include flights, transfers, and hotels without guides or touring schedules. We also offer customization options for customized programs, ensuring the same great pricing without the customization premiums.

Great Guides: Embrace escorted tours with a local expert English-speaking guide, providing a first-hand perspective on each destination’s traditions, culture, and history. This unique experience will make each destination come alive, making it a memorable and unforgettable experience for travelers.

Help 24/7: Tafika Travel Advisor Network offers legendary customer service, focusing on helping travelers create unforgettable journeys. Reservation agents provide assistance throughout the booking process, while a dedicated emergency line is manned 24/7 by managers in Africa. This 24/7 support ensures that customers have a team to help them, regardless of their location. Tafika Travel Advisor Network is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a memorable travel experience

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Become the only independent ground handling company that specialises exclusively in your destination. You will be taking care and provide all services to customer and maintain the website with all services and information. With Tafika Travel Advisor Network, clients will be able to book tours and activities you have listed within our travel network dynamic website for your destination.  

There is no cost involves from our ground handler or local tour operator. Tafika Travel Advisor Network takes care of all the investment in Domain name registration, Web-hosting, Website Developent, Marketing and support under our brand name. To become our Partner please send us an email at or a WhatsApp message on +260 974 662 222

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